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Healthy Lunch Recipes

Rainbow Vegetable Spaghetti


Vegetable spaghetti, courgetti, zoodles…it’s all the rage at the movement! The new food trend of eating pasta shaped vegetables has arrived and luckily it is here to stay. It’s a fantastic light alternative to traditional pasta that is normally high in complex carbohydrates, making it a fast but healthy lunch option for people on most diet plans or nutrition programs.


The Perfect Next Day Salad


Sometimes there is plenty of food left in the fridge that was cooked the night before for a hearty dinner. In my opinion, leftover dinner food makes the most perfect next day healthy lunch! And the beauty of it is that it can be assembled in 3 minutes without needing to cook anything at all.


Healthy Chicken Waldorf Salad


Waldorf is the absolute ultimate luxurious salad but the original Waldorf version is way too rich in saturated fat and unnecessary extras that are not exactly compatible with healthy lunch recipes throughout the week. I have created the healthy version of the classic and I think it is even better tasting than its original version!


Prawns With Carrot and Courgette Ribbons


Most things taste better with aromatic garlic and this dish is not exception. Eating vegetables all the time can get a bit boring, so my suggestion to my clients is always to include a variety of spices and herbs to make the usual veggies more interesting and tasty.


Poached Salmon with Balsamic Mango and Asparagus


This is the world’s easiest healthy lunch recipe: you really don’t need to cook anything for this dish as most of these ingredients can be shop bought if you are eating your lunch at work. Alternatively, all of the ingredients can be prepared in bulk at home so that all is left to do is to assemble them on your plate.


Chicken Bagel with chilli ‘cheese’ beans


If you love to eat a classic sandwich for lunch then make it a healthy one! This healthy lunch recipe is a complete winner if you have a little bit of time on the weekend or want to treat your family or friends to something that everyone would like – a healthy bagel! This version of lunch bagel is loaded with healthy lean protein and vegetables, is low in calories and full of flavour!


High Protein and Cobb Salad


A good salad is everybody’s favourite lunch option, and this healthy lunch recipe is for those who want to keep an eye on their calorie intake through out the week without compromising on their protein intake which is essential for keeping muscles smooth and strong (which in turns keeps your metabolic rate very high).


Healthy Tabbouleh with Quinoa


Although Tabbouleh is traditionally served as a side dish or as a part of meze, I suggest making it your main healthy lunch dish with an addition of some healthy extras. Fresh, zingy, textured and colourful it makes most boring lunches come alive! This is a fantastic healthy lunch recipe using quinoa instead of traditional cracked wheat so it will be perfect for people following gluten-free diet plan. Quinoa will also add a great deal of vegan protein to the dish, which will make you feel fuller for longer.


Salmon Salad


This is a quick way to get a really substantial and healthy mid-week lunch that will not leave you feeling hungry like a lot of salads do: this salad is packed with protein, healthy Omega 3 fats, crunchy vegetables and healthy greens. What more could you ask for in a quick and healthy salad recipe? The good thing is that there is absolutely no cooking involved, all ingredients can be bought way in advance, so all you have to do is get out a big salad bowl and start assembling.


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