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Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Spirulina Chia Parfait


When you get Spirulina and Chia together in a dish you know you are definitely going for something super! Spirulina is an incredible food – it’s a marine algae rich in protein, anti-oxidants and some of the essential fatty acids. Spirulina is a fantastic food to include in your daily healthy diet if you want to keep inflammatory conditions like eczema, asthma and RA at bay.


Labneh with greens and olives


That moment when you crave something creamy but junk food is not an option…I have the most perfect healthy snack option for you and you will feel like you are having something really decadent! Labneh is Middle Eastern strained yoghurt that is very high in protein, Calcium and probiotics making it a true superfood in its own right.


Sweet Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese is a fantastic healthy food that is very often overlooked in favour of yoghurt or yoghurt based snacks. Cottage cheese is incredibly high in protein (14 gr of protein for 100gr of cottage cheese), whilst being low in calories and high in amino acid Tryptophan that keeps our nervous system healthy. Cottage cheese is also high in Vitamin B12 and mineral Selenium which are vital for steady function of our immune system.


Carrot Cake Yoghurt


I have created this dish for a patient who said she couldn’t go a day without a sweet treat. Her favourite pudding was, you have guessed it, a traditional carrot cake. I have taken the recipe of the carrot cake and made into something gluten-free, quick and healthy reducing the fat content of the original by at least 50-60%.


Raspberry Protein Sorbet


This healthy snack is truly an amazing treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Packed with goodness from berries and protein it will keep away from sweet junk foods, as well as it will boost your levels of anti-oxidants and amino acids! Raspberries are fantastic red berries packed full of delicate flavour that is reminiscent of summer and sunshine, as well as vitamin C which is always a bonus.


Almond and Berry Mousse


This was created absolutely accidentally as I was in the mood for something sweet and decadent but didn’t want to go for something too sugary or fatty. So I found a lonely tub of Quark (low fat cheese that is very high in protein, similar to Fromage Frais) sitting in my fridge and decided to jazz it up a little bit. I was so surprised and pleased with the end result I have started suggesting this healthy snack to my patients who have the most insatiable sweet teeth ever – so far I have no complaints.


Rainbow Yoghurt


Yoghurt is a super food in its own right – it has been around for centuries and many cultures advocate eating yoghurt in order to maintain a healthy digestion. Yoghurt is one of those beautiful foods that can take many flavours on and really add something special to dishes: tangy-ness, tartness, freshness, creaminess and its packed with protein, probiotics (good bacteria) and Calcium…what’s not to like!


Quick Green Salad


Yes, a simple green salad can be a healthy snack in its own right. Most people confine green salad as a lonely side dish at dinner time, but I think many miss the point. I am sure people on low carb diet or Paleo diets will be delighted to hear that a simple green salad can pack a punch in terms of delivering on fibre, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants!


Carrot and Coriander Salad


Everybody loves a good old carrot and coriander soup, so why not try the same thing but in a raw and crunchy version? Carrots are high in fibre and beta-carotene that is vital for our healthy eye sight. They are fantastic to snack on but can get very boring after a while. This salad is a perfect way to jazz your daily carrot up with fun flavours and get your share of beta-carotene and fibre too! Carrots are very high in fibre that makes them a great food to include for anyone looking after their cholesterol levels.


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